U-pick Flower Field+Summer Days=Pure Joy

Fresh-cut flowers!

Fresh-cut flowers!

1185813_10151658628073533_146588119_nDo you remember picking dandelions when you were a kid?

Some of my favorite memories are of my own children reaching down to pluck those bright yellow blooms.  My living room walls are a reminder of those moments:  Wyatt at age one reaching chubby fingers to pluck one tiny blossom.  Wyatt at age one and a half, blowing the dandelion seeds into the camera lens.  Ryder at age three gleefully gripping a tiny bunch.  These were natural shots…kids being kids.  On the last day of school this year, Ryder picked a single dandelion and handed it to me.  He’s nine.  I wish I had taken a photo, but I’m pretty sure I won’t forget that moment.

I love Dandelions and the memories that they have created for me.   For that reason, I am choosing them as my favorite flower (although technically a weed, but I don’t care).  It’s the picking of them and the smiles on my children’s faces that makes them precious.

You may or may not share my love for Dandelions.  But I’m certain that you share my love of memories and memory making.  And who doesn’t love fresh-cut flowers?  How about making some memories on the farm this summer?  We have lots more than Dandelions.  :)

**Pick some flowers.  Zinnias.  Sunflowers.  Coxcomb.  Snapdragons.  Cosmos.  Gladiolus.

Bring the kids, the neighbors, your sisters, brothers, grandparents…make it an event or just make it a moment.    You’ll get some exercise & fresh air, not to mention a beautiful assortment of flowers.

For just $10, we’ll give you a can and some clippers.   You walk our rows and rows of cutting flowers, choosing your favorites to fill your can.

Read the Poetry Pole while you’re out there.  Explore the children’s garden & the pizza garden.  Let the kids make some music.  Dig in the “Dirt Diner” and see the animals.

Oh, and if the kids want to pick dandelions from the farm, be our guest.  They’re free :)  They can even feed them to the goats and rabbits.

Happy Memory Making on the Farm!

Paulus Farm Market is at 1216 South York Street in Mechanicsburg PA.  We are open Monday through Friday 9-7, Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 11-4.  Enjoy the U-Pick Flower Field from early July until late September or first hard frost.  Brides…this is a great place to choose economical, casual flowers for your festivities!  Hope to see you soon!

**Flower availability may differ from list. 






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