Easter Egg Hunts and Baby Animals…

I’m sitting here in the midst of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of plastic eggs.  Many of them are filled but many, many more are waiting to be filled.  The smell of chocolate and sugary confections is overwhelming and the adorable mini animal erasers, next in line for egg-filling, are reminding me of how much I love the trinkets and treasures of childhood…how much I love Easter, springtime, parties, animals and fun.

We will hold our annual Easter Egg hunt on March 30.  We do this every year as an informal start to the new market season.  It’s a way to get motivated after a sleepy winter.  It’s a way to begin getting the farm in shape for the tour and party seasons.  It’s also a form of advertising for us.  Yes!  It’s a delicious and fun way to pull you into the farm and make you one of our customers!  We’ll pull out all of the stops…warm and fuzzy baby farm animals will be here along with the fun and frenzy of the egg hunts.   Sweet and savory food samples from our bakery and deli will entice you.  And if samples just aren’t enough, how about a delicious homemade lunch from our farm?  Be sure to get your gorgeous Easter flowers after the hunt too.  Make sure you don’t leave without picking up one of our 2013 events flyers so that you know what fun things are happening during the rest of the year.  We will invite all who attend the egg hunt to sign up for our e-newsletter and to tell your friends about us.

We will wonder how you can resist such simplicity and sweetness :)  We hope you won’t.

If you would like to join us for this event, please stop by the market during our winter business hours:  Thursday and Friday 9-5 or Saturday 9-3 to purchase your tickets at $2 each per person.  All ages are welcome to hunt, kids and kids at heart.   10 AM age 5 and under 10:45 ages 6-12 and 12 noon for all ages 13 and up.   Be sure to bring your camera too…you’ll want one of yourself holding one of those fuzzy little chicks or sweet little lamb.  Oh, and be sure to snap a picture of the kids too :)


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