Punkin Chunkin Fun with the Harvest Hiccup!

It feels like Christmas here on the farm because we have a new toy!  It’s big and it’s shiny and it’s bright yellow!  It makes noise and smoke too.  It didn’t come with a red bow, but it did arrive with quite a fanfare down the highway!    Passersby gave the ‘thumbs-up’ sign according to our creator/builder/super enthused, delivery man.  Drivers craned their necks to get  a better look at what was being hauled down route 15 behind Mark’s van.

Mark.  The man behind it all.

He got the team together and told us if they built it, customers would come…to the market to try it.  “It will be awesome!”  “No one else has anything like it around you!”

So “Team Smokin'”, the 7th in the nation world champion punkin chunkin’ team, built us a Pumpkin Chunker and we named it the “Harvest Hiccup!”

and now it’s here…

We’ve been “chunkin punkins” from this air-powered cannon for the past week and a half now and I have to say that it is fun!

“It is super fun!”  -according to our boys who also love to shoot potatoes and corn out of the cannon.

Smiles come from all who try it.  Big boys, small boys, Big girls, small girls…everyone is serious when they choose their pumpkins and then place them in the cannon.  They then stand back and wait for the air tank to fill…to about the count of 15.  It’s a long 15 seconds!  After that, it’s time.

Time for the eager customer to pull the lever.  “3, 2,1…shoot!”

Eyes widen at the sheer distance and then, the “chunk!”  The pumpkin goes about 500 ft and explodes on impact.

What could be more exciting?  LOL

You’ll just have to try it to believe it :)

If you’d like to come to the farm and have some fun, please see below:

Saturday 9-5 Sunday 11-4       Fall fun fort, hay play tent, farm zoo, and hayride to the corn maze, u-pick pumpkins* and pumpkin chunker*  admission $4 per person, all ages 1 and up to adult

*u-pick pumpkins are an additional charge of $2, $5 or $8 depending on size and pumpkin chunker is $3 for one pumpkin launch or 2 launches for $5 (includes the pumpkin)

Special hours on Thursday and Friday 5-7 PM     admission $1 per adult for a hayride to the corn maze, u-pick pumpkin patch* and pumpkin chunker*  Children’s admission is $4 (also includes farm zoo, hay play tent and fall fun fort)

Weekday children’s special  Monday through Friday 9-7  admission $3 per child for fall fun fort, farm zoo and hay play tent area only

We hope to see you soon!


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  1. Sonya Lucas says:

    Amy, your Farm Market is one of our favorite places. The animals and especially the Pumpkin Chunker is one of my son’s favorites. He was practically rolling on the ground with laughter when he chunked that pumpkin. I see how hard you and your husband work and I must say your boys are very well mannered. Thank you for sharing your farm, your veggies and fruit and for creating lasting memories in many families. We look forward to having Caleb’s birthday there is a couple of weeks!

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