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Boys will be boys, especially on our farm

Stones and sticks and fire-starting flints, that’s what my boys are made of…at least on some days. These warm March days have brought all types of newness to the farm.  Animal babies, flower-filled greenhouses, freshly plowed and planted fields and…campfires.  … Continue reading

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Well, it turned out to be a lamb…the goat kids were more like lions!

I should know better than to shout out about the animals that will be visiting someplace.  It’s much safer to tell the story AFTER it has already happened when dealing with animals…especially goat kids! The look on my husband’s face … Continue reading

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Farm “kids” visiting preschool kids!

Kids! Smiles.  Giggles.  Noisy.  Messy faces and hands, hooves, fur and wait….I need to explain.  Our farm “kids” are baby goats of course!  Our farm boys are just that…the little humans that run around our farm with messy faces and hands … Continue reading

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All Ages Easter Egg Hunt on the farm!

This is my first blog!  I’m reading the directions provided by our web designer as I’m typing so this one may not be very exciting, but the content is cool!  We’re having our annual Easter Egg hunt on Saturday, March … Continue reading

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